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Functional Mushroom
Infused Capsules

Ananda Boost

A dynamic, one-of-a-kind formula! A meticulous balance of THC, CBD, and CBG in every capsule. Lion‘s Mane and Cordyceps Mushrooms for added enrichment. Infused with a blend of water–soluble terpenes precisely formulated for an intended uplift effect.

Ananda Calm

Thoughtfully designed to cultivate a sense of harmony throughout the day. An optimal balance of THC and CBD in equal proportions. We supplement this functional formulation with Chaga Mushrooms and water–soluble terpenes for a balanced experience, ideal for anytime use.

Ananda Nights

Carefully crafted to harness the power of cannabinoids. Developed with an equal ratio of THC and CBN, a popular cannabinoid which promotes sleep–inducing effects. Incorporating Reishi Mushrooms and a strategic infusion of water– soluble terpenes intended for sleep. Experience the perfect combination of natural ingredients.